Post Construction
Many issues arise during post construction cleaning.  One  issue faced often is gaining access to all windows.  We specialize in this  by utilizing lift work, ladder, frame scaffolding and repelling.
Other issues include, but not limited to are, stained glass, calcium buildup,  removing debris and sheetrock and construction dust. Many contractors face the dilemma of calcium buildup, which may require buffing the windows prior to cleaning to remove the calcium by using a specialized rubbing compound.
After post-construction cleaning is completed, and management companies have acquired the property, we also can maintain the window cleaning on a regular scheduled basis.
Memorial Herman Hospital Tower - Removal of Calcium & Exterior Window Cleaning
High Rise

Sparkle Window Cleaning Service has the equipment and expertise to handle most high-rise window cleaning.  Our equipment includes a rolling-roof rig, and of course the Bosunís chair and stage work with cables.  The employees who do the high-rise cleaning are experienced in this area of window cleaning, and enjoy this type of work.

Bosun's Chair   Rolling Roof Rig


High Pressure Washing

Many buildings have an outside facade that requires maintenance by utilizing high pressure washing to remove algae and various stains.  We have the experience and knowledge to maintain the integrity and beauty of your building.


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